Dear Colleagues,

I am back, this time with the touching story of Vizag.

Probably very few cities in the world have as many names. Till very recent times, it was known as Waltair; although the official name is Visakhapatnam, people call it Vizag, as well. Those who love the city, affectionately call it ‘City of Destiny’.

This city’s beauty is its greenery; with a number of serene hills, a curvilinear seacoast, extensive beach road, and numerous other nature’s gifts, Vizag is indeed unique. It is one of the most peaceful cities in the country; people are friendly; religious harmony and cosmopolitan environment define its character. Not only is it the financial capital of residual Andhra Pradesh, but also its tourism, IT, and industrial capital. In one word it is the ‘hope’ of Andhra Pradesh.

The city suddenly appeared in the national and international news for the extensive damage caused by the remorseless Hud-hud cyclone. No one in the city was left untouched by this devastating wind fury. Though some mariners measured the wind speed at 250–275 kmph, nobody could gauge the intensity as radars were also ruined. However, everybody had a feel of it and has a long tale to share.

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Green turned brown, man made decoration blown away and today it bears the look of a post-war demolition site. The Chief Minister and the entire state machinery have been working 24/7, yet it took more than a week to restore power in the city. Still in many parts there is no power, no network, no water and no communication. All roads are like garbage bins. The city is silently mourning. Everybody is troubled but nobody is angry. In their opinion, individual troubles are much sight.

When it comes to public discipline and model behaviour we read and talk of Japan or some other foreign country. Vizagites are much taller in their spirit and approach. Though the suffering is acute, quite unprepared and lasting, the people are continuing to endure. The Prime Minister himself felt surprised to see the reserved attitude of Vizagites. Without basic amenities for more than a week people are quite optimistic. Though this time festival of lights would be dark for the city of destiny, the spirits are high and shining.

I salute their spirit and commit my support, trough all possible ways, for the city to regain its glory and glamour. Your support is highly appreciated.

Wish you a Happy Deepavali!
Naga Prasad Tummala