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Dear PCiets,

Let me start my first post with a dream that we have. That ‘Oakridge would be for K12 education what Harvard is for higher education’. Though we have come far, we have long way to go to achieve this.

How do we go about achieving such a grand vision? Let’s see if we can design a framework which will take us there.

There are three things that form the core of this framework.

1. Attitude – “I’ll give my best every day, every moment and in every transaction” Most of the times, we come to work to do our job, earn to run the family, save for future and make a career. When we operate towards that objective, we simply try to do the tasks that are provided to us by our managers or the company and contribute incrementally. But, the moment we change our attitude from ‘make a living’ to ‘doing your best’, you’ll start observing how everything changes. From your thoughts of how you want to do certain things at work, to coming up with solutions for difficult problems instead of waiting for someone to solve it, to how you interact with your co-workers. You’ll question status quo without fear as that is the right thing. In fact, this is a close kept secret that when you operate every moment to give your best, nature arranges things to your favor. You would be able to come up with innovative solutions to everyday problems, seemingly impossible obstacles would slowly seem to melt away, your efficiency would pick up dramatically and things would start to fall in place, as if magically. This doesn’t mean you’ll not have issues but it means you’ll see them as puzzles and try to solve them rather than getting bogged down. Try giving it a shot for 21 days.

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2. Policy guideline – “Act in the best interest of PeopleCombine”. Obviously this is inspired from Netflix. But, look at how powerful this statement is. This statement makes so many unstated things about the organization. That,

i) We treat each employee as a mature adult.
ii) We trust employees that they’ll do the right things for the company
iii) We give complete freedom to employees and they in turn take responsibility for each of their action

Sure, there are so many SOPs that form the policy framework for most of our day to day function. But, when you are in dilemma, apply this overall guideline. Let’s take an example. You are in a meeting and there is some decision taken which you do not agree necessarily with. Typically, what happens is you come out unhappy and start whining about it to your co-workers who would join happily to discuss these, as these kinds of talks gives us a great satisfaction of us being clever and what we would have done if we were in the position of power and how others (especially bosses) are stupid! Instead what you would have done if act in the interest of the company is to air your views in the meeting and try to convince others with data and facts why your solution is better and if someone else outsmarts you, accept that, see if there is something to learn and move on. Do not carry the issue in your mind. They drag you and waste your energy and has no value to anyone.

3. Values – to guide our actions

i) Integrity
ii) Honesty
iii) Fairness
iv) Compassion

People should respect you not because of your position or power inside or outside. Rather it should come from your personality that is defined by your actions guided by certain values. For example, when you are honest, you’ll give positive/negative feedback to anyone (whether he is your boss or your team member) immediately without being afraid or hesitant. When you are seen as a person with absolute integrity and honesty, you can be counted for what you are saying. And when you act all time being fair to everyone, co-workers would start loving with you. Values on the walls do not mean anything unless that reflects in the behavior of people.

Of course, nothing is ever achieved without practice. So, first see if you agree with these, then convert that into intent and put them into practice.

Having said all these, do not ever lose your sense of humor and fun at work. Because that’s what keeps you going when things are going fine or get difficult! Have a blast at work! Come to office with springs on your feet!

So, when we have a grand vision and when everyone is working towards that vision by giving their best every moment, putting the company first every moment guided by set of principles, it transforms and energizes the whole company. When everyone work together with vigor and purpose, no dream is impossible. Come, let all people combine together, dream together and create history together!

Sivakumar Vondivillu
People Combine Group












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