While we all agree to the fact that, “Companies are not made out of brick n mortar, but out of people”. That’s truth indeed. Organizations of the varied scale or of the varied verticals reflect their philosophy through the employees. But the journey of a company’s philosophy, or the next best shape of the organization’s mission will be more visible through the company’s infrastructure.

Infrastructure by a basic definition means the tangible resources that enable the individuals or organizations to realise their goals. For Oakridge and People Combine family, infrastructure is more than just the enabler.

Since 2001, Oakridge International School is synonymous with an unanimous term – “a center for world-class education”. Be it the international curriculum or the state-of-the-art teaching methodologies that credit to this word-class education status, but the aspect that makes the parent, student and teacher community feel ‘world-class’ness in Oakridge is its spectacular and marvelous infrastructure they step into. And that makes an initial impression, quite an inspiring.

The infrastructure of Oakridge campuses – sprawling campuses, distinctive architecture of it makes our stake holders strongly believe that they are/want to be part of this world-class organization.

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The path to this status is not simple. But the mission was clear. To build campuses and infrastructure which inspires. Right from the first Oakridge campus, we have roped in nothing but the best resources, worked with the international architects and every aspect of the campus is a result of some serious research and observation of various renowned schools and colleges across the globe.

Global best practices which were imbibed across the world education league has been applied for Oakridge campuses. Be it the class room design, sports facilities, multi-purpose halls, learning resource centers, activity rooms – all been built to reflect Oakridge and world-class standards.

Conversation of Ecology has always been the top most priority for us. All of the Oakridge or it’s siblings – Westberry or Vikas – maintenance of green is strictly observed. Proud the say the fact that the campuses remained the 100% Pollution-Free zones and symbols of close-to-nature environments.

Oakridge Bengaluru campus is one of the very few education spaces in India, awarded with LEED certificate by Indian Green Building Council – a certificate issued for the high-end Green practices implied in the construction and the infrastructure.

We always believed that infrastructure and technology goes hand in hand. Technology enablement across the campuses, is thus, is an equally important goal. We strive to make it happen. Shift of white boards to a revolutionary paint based boards and LED TVs is something we are currently making it happen for a more engaging education experience.

Needless to say, safety and comfort of child, who steps into our campuses is what matters most in defining the infrastructure for Oakridge. All of the campuses are currently under 100% CCTV surveillance. The selection of play area instruments, surface of the play areas, maintenance standards are aimed towards making an Oakridger happy and get the best out of resources and yet stay safe.

We are happy to overhear from our students, parents and staff that inspiration is in air as you step into Oakridge and we, the team of Avenues, are deeply delighted and proud that infrastructure has a role to play.

Deputy Managing Director
People Combine Group.





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