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Fourth Industrial Revolution…..Education 3.0…..Big data….Artificial Intelligence…. In today's times, these are some of the most novice words we are listening to. Made in India….Brexit…Trump are some more topics that are often discussed. But the real question is, what do these words and discussions mean to you and me? How they are going to impact each one of us, our students, our organization? Do we need to pay any attention or pass them off as social trivialities?

Everyone agrees that change is constant. But the fact of the matter is that change accelerates. Human beings for millions of years were able to cope with change and continuously evolve. But today, the question on everyone's mind is whether this imminent change is perhaps occurring too fast?

People Combine is one of the very few companies in this country that is able to drive change and has successfully managed to cope with ease for over 24 years. Across the globe, less than 1% of the upcoming companies can survive for this long and continue to go strong. Wow! That is cool, and you are part of one of the very few success stories.

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Then, the apprehension comes in if past success determines future predictions? My answer is…..Yes and No…..if we constantly explore the possibilities to improve and make changes ahead of time, we continue to share the fruits of success, but if we live on our past glory and feel invincible, the end is not very distant.

Relevantly, I was reading a book titled, "What brought you here, Will not take you there”. I think the title itself summarizes the message.

Recently, I attended a session on leadership by McKinsey where I heard of leadership that is both Telescopic as well as Microscopic, which doesn’t need further explanation either.

Dear colleagues, we are a family which believes success is the only choice. On the eve of entering our Silver Jubilee year I share my success mantra – spend at least 25% of your time on new learning and contribute more than what you get paid for. If everyone at People Combine believes this, tell me, can any change supersede our success spree?

I conclude with these words:

“If I'm not making you sweat, I should be," John Chambers, CISCO CEO in the annual employee meet.

Will you agree with me that this is the only way to progress into an unknown future with confidence?

Wish you all the best!

Awaiting an year-long Silver Jubilee celebration!

All the Best..
Tummala Naga Prasad
People Combine Group












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