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Dear Colleagues,

Born into an educator's family, raised in a teachers’ locality in a small town and mentored by teachers-turned-entrepreneurs, my life has always been surrounded by teachers. With my wife also being a teacher, my entire ecosystem is filled by teachers. In fact, 70-80% of my interactions throughout my life were with teachers and students. It's an interesting revelation for myself and I feel blessed. I believe that a fine confluence of the teacher and entrepreneur in me was able to help in building this great educational organisation.

Teachers’ day is enjoyed only by the teachers who see the honor in teaching profession, who take pride in being a teacher - a person who is moulding many excellently crafted human beings.

Teachers who stand as guiding post to their pupil are living gods to them. The school is a temple and the teacher is a god to students – the very thought itself provides such exhilaration, words can only describe so much. A teacher is not just another adult whose presence merely prevails upon young children; rather his/her presence should lend a sense of security and reassurance. Teachers' day should not be yet another jolly day for children, it should be seen as an opportunity to pay tribute to their living gods.

My dear teachers you are successful when such a connection is developed with students. That is what parents and society expect from us. Remember that your just another student is somebody else’s life. The realisation of that fact is the beginning of attaining godhood in your students’ eyes. If all the teachers in the world live up to the above expectation, the world is no more troubled; it will be loving, caring and peaceful and a happy place to live in. Your effort should be to make children feel blessed at all times. To achieve this all you need to do is to have genuine love and care without being judgemental.

On this teachers’ day my salute to all those godly teachers!

Thank you!

Naga Prasad Tummala

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