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Dear Colleagues,

Excellence is not A's the ONLY choice!

We often hear phrases such as world class, excellence etc., often, such phrases are used to denote aspirations or objectives for the future. But the future is not very far. In fact, the future has become the present. There is an urgency to realize that, unless it is world class, any entity soon becomes part of history.
The world is flat, and every product or service is instantaneously being compared with the world's best. Therefore, a product or service is superlatively success or failure within no time. The difference between both — is it world class or not.
As most of us know 'Excellence' is more an attitude than skill. With practice one can develop such an attitude. One simple way is to be intolerant to anything less than what you expect from yourself first, and from others next.
Though one aspires excellence in each and every product/service; action/interaction, it also comes with a cost. If there exists a market for such a product/service, it's best to achieve. If the market is additionally price sensitive and you want to compete, regardless, select the most critical aspects of your business, attain world-class standards and remain above the median in all other aspects. The key to success in business is to continue adding more aspects to the 'Excellence' list. More than what you think, it's what the market/customer thinks matter.
Where do you think People Combine/Oakridge stands? For that matter what about you? Its time to introspect and seek feedback.........
All the Best!

Naga Prasad Tummala
All the best

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