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Dear Colleagues,

25 Feb, 2014 marks a significant day in the journey of the People Combine group. For more than 20 years I used to often hear a phrase 'I don't know', that too when somebody went wrong or was pointed out for doing differently from the set norm. As I gathered, I learned it was not always an excuse rather, a challenge to know and find out about defined procedures.

Thanks to the hard work of all the departments', ICT team, Lalitha and Sandhya…we have now resolved the issue for all. The SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) tool at People Combine now stands launched, live and available to all. You will find a new button 'SOP' on the ESS page and all the relevant modules of the SOP are accessible through this. Since HR general Policies are relevant to all the employees; this is the first module tagged. The rest of the relevant modules will be up shortly.

The highlight of the tool is that whenever there are any updates an auto mail will shoot into your mail box and one can directly go to the modified portion of the manual, thereby keeping each one abreast of updated versions. This, I am confident, will enable transparency, consistency and brings ease to all.
To reinforce knowledge of our SOPs periodic and simple mandatory tests are incorporated. Auto reminders and escalations, FAQs and 'help' on use of the tool are provided and assimilated in the tool itself. Any queries, doubts and questions can be raised in the tool so that over time, the same can become part of FAQs and part of manual itself.

This has been long awaited and much needed and today, a reality! Any application or system is useful only if it is used. I encourage you to give this application wider publicity and help your teams to be more effective and bid farewell to the 'I don't know'.

The single point contact on SOPs is Ms. Lalitha. She can be contacted at

Your feedback is highly valuable and we look forward to the same.

All the best

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